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Hypnotherapy Client Reviews

"After feeling I had less and less confidence over the last few years I started to feel as though I could become agoraphobic due to a problem neighbour. Tracey listened to my problems in a kind and considerate way, her voice is very soothing and she gently talks to you when you are in a very relaxed state.

After the first session, I felt so much more positive about my problems and by the third session we had tackled different ways of looking at my problems. I feel so much better and confident that by using the techniques she has shown me I can re-enforce and build on my increased confidence. To sum it up, I now feel great and would recommend hypnotherapy to anyone.”

Mrs J.

“I initially approached Tracey to help me reduce my reliance on alcohol which I was using to help me with a very stressful situation. I was feeling tired all the time, lacking in energy and motivation, and as though I wasn’t in control.

Even after my first of 4 sessions, I felt much more energised, positive and back in the driving seat.

Each time we looked at different aspects of me and I can honestly say that I feel like I’ve got my mojo back and that I am now able to deal with my stressful situation in a more balanced and positive way , which has been hugely beneficial.

I was given some useful ‘tools‘ I can work with on my own too. I found the whole experience very liberating, insightful and of course incredibly useful.

Thank you Tracey!”


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