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"Denise has travelled a lot with athletes and worked at many running events including World and European Championships. I have found her extremely professional and experienced in the way she goes about treatments and looks for the cause of problems rather than treating just the symptoms. Good physio is as much about preventing problems as it is about curing existing injuries. Keep up the good work Denise - and not the dirty dancing!"

Johnathon Wyatt

6 x World Mountain Running Champion


Denise has always been there for me! Whatever the injury I’ve got she has helped me. I never mind to travel all the way from the Czech Republic to get her excellent treatment. She can achieve magical results in such a short time - she always gets me better.

Thank-you Denise for everything you have done for me! You are so professional and a very good friend too."

Anna Pichrtova

European and World Long and Short Distance Mountain Running Champion

"Denise has an uncanny 6th sense of already knowing what the problem is from your description . She sorted out my seemingly ‘unsortable’ knee that enabled me to make the GB team for the European Champs in 2010. They don't call her magic fingers for nothing!"

Orlando Edwards

GB and England Mountain Running Team

"Thank you so much for the work you do, its very much appreciated. I don't think I could have made top 15 without ya!"

Joseph Gray

World Mountain Running Champion 2016, USA Track and Field Athletics Team

"Early in 2008 I development persistent knee pain, which I worryingly thought could be a cartilage problem. However, Denise quickly identified the problem as being damage to the quadriceps tendon and the injury was resolved quickly with manipulation and laser treatment."

Rob Hope 

4 x British Fell Running Champion, GB and England Mountain Running Team

"I first heard about Denise through my training partner at the time, Joe Symonds. He talked about how she had helped with his core stability. I then began to read her articles in the FRA magazine and was enthralled by the biomechanical approach to injuries and performance. I have followed Denise’s articles ever since. I have also been treated by Denise at the World Mountain Running Trophy 2007 and Commonwealth Mountain Running Championships 2009. I remember my calves were “battered” before the Worlds and thank Denise for getting them into the best shape she could ready for me to finish fifth."

Adam Grice

GB and England Mountain Running Team

"Denise has been a favourite with the England Mountain Running Team for the past 5 years. At every international competition she has always kept herself extremely busy, giving every athlete, not just our superstars, the same high level of expertise. Personally I like Denise’s gentler methods of therapy. Some physios seem to massage with too much vim and vigour, which seems to tense the muscles you want to treat. She has always been a favourite with all members of the England Team."

John Brown

GB and England Mountain Running Team


 "Denise has a genuine passion for helping people. Her knowledge is second to none and this allows her to get to the root cause of the problem quickly and begin treating the issue and its symptoms.

Even before I was seen by Denise she identified the issue from the information I had provided her with.

From my experiences I would highly recommend that you seek her support.

I’m sure you won’t be disappointed and she will assist you to get back to full fitness as quickly as possible."

Jeremy Gold

Victoria Park Harriers & Tower Hamlets AC

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