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Denise Park

Chartered Physiotherapist


Accredited by the World Mountain Running Association  (2008) and the Fell Runner's Association (2020)

Denise is a Chartered Physiotherapist from Lancashire, England.


Denise qualified as a physiotherapist in 1984 and opened her practice in 1989. She has since completed her Masters degree in sports and exercise injury management. In 2008, Denise became the first WMRA (World Mountain Running Association) accredited physiotherapist, reinforcing her international status as a world class physiotherapist, and following her long-standing relationship with the Fell Runners Association, she received recognition from the FRA in 2020. She regularly attends international mountain running events and works closely with athletes from around the world as well as those more local to the practice. Denise also works with triathletes, cyclists, climbers and farmers, as the importance of her treatment is accurate diagnosis - from whatever background.

Outside of her work at the practice, Denise has been a keen runner and walker, completing the famous Sierre-Zinal mountain race (33 kilometres!) in 2009. She also used to enjoy latin and ballroom dancing and in 2007 won a charity dance competition (Not Strictly Come Dancing) before a medical problem curtailed her activities. Consequently she understands the anguish of being injured.

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